Our mission

Italian food is well known around the world. It's so various as it's the sum of dozens of regional cuisines, so different from each other, yet all so delicious. It's not a magic or a miracle, but it's because all make use of genuine ingredients. The genuine ingredients we everyday use in our restaurant, and that now we want to bring in your kitchens, in your homes. All done with local resources. All natural. All artisanal. All made following the Italian traditional recipes.

Our philosophy

Every manifactured product is the result of three components: source materials, methodology and love. The first two are necessary but the real secret is the third. We love our job, and every single product we make, holds inside a little part of this love. And you will feel it when you use it at home. It will make the difference.

The laboratory

Our lab is in the town center, in front of Wat Chiang Man, in the upper floor of Casa Restaurant & Pizzeria, our Italian restaurant. It is a very little lab, no more than a craft workshop, enough to produce our delicacies but in limited quantities. Coming to our restaurant for a meal is the best way to taste many of them.


Everything is produced following the Italian traditions and using the classic artisanal techniques and tools.

● Cheese ●
Caciotte - our classic cheese selection.
Filanti - Mozzarella and friends

● Cold cuts and charcuterie ●
Salami - a selection of regional products
In cucina - a "must have" to cook proper Italian dishes

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Our laboratory is very little, and is born more from the necessity of having a proper room to produce the homemade food needed for our restaurant's menu.
This new space allows us to enhance the production to a level that makes possible to sell part of it.
But, as the room is little, consequently also the equipment is not a large scale one. Everything can be operated by a single person (as it actually is), so the character of the production remains artisanal in itself.
For this we ask you some patience if we will not be able to fulfill your requests, unless you post your orders well ahead. Anyway we will be happy to consider particular requests, and to consequently customize our products, but always in the context of our genuine and traditional Italian style.


Please order at least 48h before, by e-mail using the link at the bottom of this page, or using facebook messenger clicking the following button.
You will receive an answer as soon as possible to confirm the order.

Pick-up point

The pick-up point is at our restaurant "Casa Restaurant and Pizzeria", where our lab is located.
Otherwise we can arrange with you a postal delivery.

Any question?

For every question about our products or even to satisfy a curiosity about traditional Italian food, don't hesitate to send us a message.
You can send a classic e-mail using the link at the bottom of this page, or use facebook messenger clicking the following button
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